Körösztös Dénes


Hi, my name is Dénes Körösztös, I was born in Budapest. 

Perhaps the simplest way I could present myself is as a rebel who sees the world from the outside, who breaks the rules, who is not part of the “system”. I think Knowledge is important, so I’ve always had a kind of creative desire to do something that not everyone can do. Perhaps without any ego, I can say that I am one of the few photographers who truly has an artistic vision. In recent years, I have spent a lot of time learning so that I have a more comprehensive knowledge of what a great photo is like from every possible point of view.

Instead of words, let the pictures speak. I present my unique vision, my world through my photos.

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Zsanett & Gábor

Dear Everyone!
Dénes has been recommended to us and we are grateful for it!
He came to take photos of our ceremony, and then we asked him for a small creative photo shoot. He was very resilient, we took photos on a pier, but it was in all our ideas!
We can only recommend him! 
Thank you!

"A ma megörökített pillanatok holnap bearanyozzák a szivet."

Connecting your destiny with the love of your life is a serious decision. Everyone strives to make this day perfect. However, this can only succeed if you know exactly who the people you let go close to you. A photographer who will be with you all day, will watch every move of You and your guests, the events, while he himself will discreetly stay in the background.

One of the most important thing of wedding photography is trust. It’s important to get to know each other a little better, share your plans, come up with ideas while having a good coffee together!
This will make it easier for you to make a decision.

To the best of my knowledge, I will try to make sure that the photos I take really reflect the most beautiful moments of your Great Day, fulfilled with emotions, in professional quality, spiced up in style, with my unique vision.